Crawl Out Now on Switch; Receives New Launch Trailer

The arcade dungeon crawler is now available for the Switch.

Powerhoof has released their latest title on the Nintendo Switch. Crawl is a fast-paced arcade dungeon crawler that pits you against your friends as they control the monsters in the dungeon on a mission to kill you. If they are successful in doing so, they take your place and it is now their turn to crawl the dungeons. In addition to the game being released today, we also received a new launch trailer, which can be seen below.

Here is a brief overview of the games features and premise:

Crawl is a fast-paced arcade dungeon crawler for one to four players. Battle through randomly generated dungeons full of cruel traps and horrid beasts- all controlled by your friends! If one of them kills you they take your place and it’s their turn to crawl. It’s a race to gain enough XP and loot to face them all as they possess the flailing limbs of the hulking final boss!


  • Every trap and monster can be controlled by your real-life buddies!
  • Play solo or with up to 4 in local-multiplayer.
  • Vicious single player AI, challenges to master, and items to unlock.


  • Level up, increase your stats and amass powerful weapons in each 30 minute game.
  • Evolve your monsters from mere vermin into mighty demons and undead warriors.


  • Explore randomly generated dungeons.
  • Discover a huge variety of weapons, spells and items.
  • Master over 60 playable monsters!

Crawl is currently available on the Nintendo Switch as a digital title priced at $14.99.

Marc Villa
Marc Villa
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