Pinball FX3 Now Available on Nintendo Switch; Offers Two Free Original Tables for a Week

The tables 'Adventure Land' and 'Son of Zeus' will only be free for one week, so make sure you scoop them up.

Zen Studios announced today that its highly successful Pinball FX series has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Pinball FX3 will be a free service that includes themed tables that players can purchase with real money.

In addition to the announcement of the Switch release, Zen Studios also announced that they will be giving away two original tables for free as a way to celebrate 10 years of video game pinball excellence.

The free tables, ‘Adventure Land’ and ‘Son of Zeus’, will be free from December 12 – 19, 2017. So make sure you download them before they are put on the marketplace.

The two pack of tables, better known as “Carnivals and Legends”, will no doubt maintain the same level of quality that we have seen in previous Pinball FX titles. You can check out the launch trailer for “Carnivals and Legends” below.

Here is a little more information on the two new tables, directly from Zen Studios:

While most Zen tables are known for their refined mix of traditional pinball gameplay and video game elements that no real-life table could ever pull off, “Adventure Land” greatly favors the former. A digital ode to 1990s arcade pinball, it emphasizes core design over spectacular visual effects—though with fireworks, fireballs and animated 3D models, there are still plenty of those. As they play through a dozen game modes, fans of arcade pinball will delight in the way “Adventure Land” feels like something they’ve played but is indeed brand new.

The first video pinball table to ever feature dynamic weather effects, “Son of Zeus” takes us back in time in a whole other way—through ancient mythology! Determined to reach the top of Mount Olympus, Hercules confronts the likes of a fully animated giant snake and an active volcano that transforms into Cronos, the mighty Titan. The voice of Hera ruthlessly challenges the man-god, as he also faces threats from such iconic mythological antagonists as the Hydra, the Cerberus and Medusa—who can turn a player’s ball to stone!

Pinball FX3 is currently available on the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play title. The game features themed tables that players can purchase with real money.

Marc Villa
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