Rocket League Frosty Fest Event Announced; Kicks Off December 11

Earn new crates, items and more in this limited time special event.

Psyonix just announced a new winter themed season event coming to Rocket League. The new event, dubbed “Frosty Fest”, will kick off on December 11 at 5pm PST (8pm EST, 2am CET on December 12) and conclude on Tuesday, January 2, 10am PST (1pm EST, 7pm CET).

Similar to the Haunted Hallows event they ran during Halloween, there will be new event crates and items to unlock that will only be available for a limited time. There will be three different ways to obtain event crates. You can have the random chance to receive one as a drop after completing online matches, you can buy them using the in game earned currency (Snowflakes), or you can buy them outright with real cash. You can redeem Snowflakes to purchase Event items, Decryptors, or the brand new ‘Frosty Fest’ Event Crate!

During the Haunted Hallows event, players were a little vocal about how they felt with the amount or rather, lack of in game currency obtained for playing matches. Psyonix is planning on addressing this but haven’t released an official statement on how they plan to improve the system. It was there first shot at in game currency with the previous event, so its natural that things would only evolve from there.

Rocket League is currently available on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out our review here, where we awarded the game with a 9/10.

Marc Villa
Marc Villa
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