Soul Calibur VI Not Currently in Development for Switch; Not Completely Off the Table Either


In an interview with Game Central for MetroUK, Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo shares his thoughts on a Switch version of the game. Unfortunately for Switch players, there are currently no development plans for a Switch version of Soul Calibur VI. This is mainly due to the games development starting three years ago before development studios knew about the Switch’s hardware.

However this doesn’t mean that a Switch version couldn’t come sometime down the road. Motohiro Okubo stated that he is personally interested in the platform and if the Unreal Engine adapts to the Switch, then the possibility for a Switch version of Soul Calibur VI is higher.

Here is what Motohiro Okubo had to say during his interview with Game Central:

GC: Is there any chance of a Switch version, so we can have Link again? [Link was the guest character in the GameCube version of SoulCalibur II – GC]

MO: SoulCalibur VI development started more than three years ago. And nobody knew anything about Switch back then. So, as a matter of fact we are not working on Switch, as of now. But of course, personally, I’m interested in the platform. So if the Unreal Engine can adapt to Switch, and evolve itself, then maybe the possibility will be more.

Soul Calibur VI is currently scheduled to release in 2018 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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