Splatoon 2 Receiving Classic ‘Walleye Warehouse’ Map Today

Walleye Warehouse is making a comeback! If you loved this map in the original Splatoon, you're sure to love it in Splatoon 2.

Nintendo just announced that Splatoon 2 will be getting a classic map from the original Splatoon. Walleye Warehouse will be making its grand appearance in Splatoon 2 later today. For those unfamiliar with the map. Walleye Warehouse was probably the most balanced map in the original Splatoon, allowing all weapons to have an even playing field. We are excited to see how it fares in Splatoon 2. You can check out some screenshots of Walleye Warehouse below.

Here are the official times when the new map will be released:

– 6 PM PT (December 14)
– 9 PM ET (December 14)
– 2 AM in the UK (December 15)
– 3 AM in Europe (December 15)

Splatoon 2 is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

Marc Villa
Marc Villa
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