Superbeat Xonic on Switch Receives Two New Songs for Free


PM Studios has announced today that two new songs are currently available for download for its music rhythm game, SUPERBEAT XONiC. To sweeten the pot a little more, the new songs are currently available for free. You can check out a short video showcasing the two new songs below.

One of the new tracks is handled by Yousuke Yasui, known for his work on titles such as; dodonpachi, Carnage Heart, Touhou, RIDGE Racer & Arcana Heart. The second track is handled by Planetboom, famous for his previous works on the DJMAX franchise. He is making a comback with his new single and its a SUPERBEAT XONiC exclusive.

1. Expressive Air 06 – Yousuke Yasui
2. Vertical Horizon – Planetboom

SUPERBEAT XONiC is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

Marc Villa
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